Back drift fishing method

Haifukugata & Haifukugata/ jadohen Back drift fishing method


As you can see from this figure,

If the squid is floating or if you are aware of the sea level

Electric floats may be advantageous.

However, if there is a squid near the bottom, it is difficult to aim directly with an electric float.

In the fishing trip the other day, when the activity is high, an electric float is used.

I came to the constant, but when the activity decreased a little

It stops responding to the electric float, and if you change to the bait-wrapping egging of the evil way edition alone

HIT near the bottom, though not constantly.

Yes, squid that can not be picked up by electric float

If it's an evil way Egging, you can pick it up.

Whether the squid is floating or sinking

Whether the flow is slow or fast

Whether the water is shallow or deep

Even if you don't know the shelf where the squid is

If it is a bait winding egging using the evil way edition, it corresponds to all

Will look for the answer.

After all, it is indispensable for fishing for squid, swordtip squid, and Japanese flying squid in winter.

The electric float is also good,

Difficulty of preparation, many troubles, flight distance,

Considering the total, I think the evil way Egging is advantageous.

Also, the number 3.5 is important

When it comes to No. 2.5 and No. 3.0, the flight distance decreases and it becomes more susceptible to the wind.

It becomes difficult to sink.

No. 4.0 is too big.

After all it is No. 3.5.

Besides, glow is also important. The urethane foam material is also important. Balance when feeding is also important.

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The reason why the Hayafuku type / Evil way edition is gaining support year after year is because you can catch it! Probably!

Enjoy squid fishing in the evil way!

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