About point service

[ Point service keystone ds member's point]

The point service "keystone ds member's point" is a point service that can be used at the Keystone Direct Shop and online shops. The product price (tax included) 100 yen = 5 points will be returned, and 1 point = 1 yen can be used for payment.

・ To earn points

Membership registration is required at Keystone Direct Shop Online. Please register from new member registration (free of charge). Please also register your delivery address and phone number (no hyphen required).

◆ How to earn points at Keystone Direct Shop ◆

Please tell the staff your registered phone number at the time of payment. You can also create a QR code for your registered phone number or email address and read it at the cash register. Please contact the staff at the store for details.

◆ How to earn points online at Keystone Direct Shop ◆

Please be sure to log in before shopping. Please note that points will not be awarded unless you are logged in.


* Points will be awarded 7 days after the ordered product is shipped.

* Points will not be awarded for shipping and other fees other than the product price.

・ How to use points

◆ Direct shop store ◆ Please tell the cashier staff how to use the points.

◆ Direct Shop Online ◆ You can specify the use of points on the [Shopping Cart] screen during the purchase procedure. Points can be used from 1 point = 1 yen.

* Points can only be used for the product price. It cannot be used for shipping and other fees.

・ Expiration date of points

Points will automatically disappear if you do not use them for one year after your last purchase. Please note that we do not provide information on the disappearance.

・ How to check the point balance

When you log in to My Page, your points will be posted at the top. At the time of purchase, it will be displayed in the shopping cart.

 ・ Notes

* Points will also be reduced if your order is returned or canceled.

* Points cannot be used when using coupons.

* If it is determined that points have been earned due to improper processing, points may be deleted.

* Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

* Points cannot be retrofitted.

* Points cannot be transferred, transferred between accounts, or added up.

* It cannot be used by a third party other than the person who holds the points.

* Account information cannot be confirmed or changed at our shop.