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Study session under the No. 1 squid fishing fisherman in Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Hirado No.1 I went to a study session every year under the squid fishing fisherman's


The idea of ​​squid fishing, what to ask for squid and squid, how to handle squid, etc.

I study every year.

It is sometimes said that "fishermen and anglers are different".

The fishing method (device) is the same, and the way of thinking is the same. What is it?

I was able to learn various things this time as well, and conducted a product test to be released.

Monroe Egi No. 2.5 Night-fired tune

It took less than an hour to turn on the lights at the fishing spot.

You can catch enough during that bright time.

This day started from the first throw HIT!

Test product "Monroegi No. 2.5 Night-burning Tune" that came to the final stage

It's been 5 years since the test started. Thank you very much for your patience m (_ _) m

We are making final adjustments for the July release.

As the name suggests, this egg is intended for use in night-fired squid fishing.

"Omorigu" using medium weights "Dropper" of squid metal "Mechanism with body"

It is an egg that corresponds to various gimmicks.

Incorporate the elements required by fishermen

< img src = "https://keystonebrand.jp/pages/report/imgs/2018061904.jpg">

This Monroe Egi No. 2.5 night-fired tune is

Incorporates the elements that fishermen seek for eggs used in night-fired squid fishing.

"Slow fall" "Light emission" "Umbrella needle" "Durability" "Movement"

Released Please wait for a while.

On this day, it was a decent start with 50 highs on board in the bright time before the lights turned on.

After turning on the light, I thought that the number would increase and the north wind became stronger.

The reaction was not good. Even so, you can catch ...

Haifuku type is a good type barrage

The fisherman sets the Haifuku type of bait-rolled egg with all the gimmicks.

We will constantly increase the number.

Why set the Haifuku type in all the gimmicks?

Fishermen say that they can catch medium to large sizes well.

I can catch it even if I attach a float, but when it becomes a small center.

In fact, larger ones have higher prices in the market.

That's why we set the Haifuku type for all the gimmicks.

There are many Kanatofugu this year

Speaking of troublesome night-burning squid fishing, "Kanatofugu"

The official name is "Shirosabafugu", and fishermen sometimes say "Bukto".

This puffer fish bites Sutte and cuts the gimmick.

In addition, I will chase after my favorite squid, so the squid will scatter.

I will bite the hit squid into tatters.

The number of Kanatofugu is higher than usual this year, and the activity is high.

This year, this Kanatofugu countermeasure will be important in northern Kyushu.

The final catch is

The wind was strong and the conditions were bad on this day.

It was less than half the usual landing.

Still, the swordtip squid exceeded 200 high on board (3 people).

I attacked mainly with Omorigu and Lead Sutte, and I was 34 high.

I learned a lot this time as well.

The reason why a single fishing fisherman sets a device around the Haifuku type.

Differences in the reaction of squid due to the difference in the bait wrapped around the Haifuku type.

We will continue to actively study with fishermen and use them for product development.