Squid metal at Yobuko Yoshiemaru

Yobuko Yoshiemaru-san's squid metal

Yobuko Saga Prefecture Thanks to Mr. Yoshiemaru, I went to the first squid metal of this season.

Mr. Yoshiemaru's HP https://blog.goo.ne.jp/yoshieimaru253

In the early season and the fishing results were not stable, I tried to focus on lead sute.

After dropping the parachute, the squid is floating on the bottom for about an hour until the light is lit. Therefore, it is near the bottom that you invite with lead sutte. Carefully invite the solid bottom.

It's compact, and I often use it to invite people such as tataki. The hit was red-green. A hit with a dark color silhouette that does not emit much light! It often works during the day.

At first, I was searching near the bottom with lead sutte alone, but the reaction was bad, so I added Kensaki SP as a dropper. Rather than increasing the number of sute, we see the reaction by the difference in movement between the lead sute and the floating sute.

This is Hit with Monroegi night-fired tune (provisional) under test! (Scheduled to be released at the end of July 2018)

Unlike floating sute, you will be fascinated by the fall. Good balance is required for the movement of the egg, and hard urethane foam keeps a beautiful fall even near the solid bottom with high buoyancy without flooding.

The mechanism is a medium weight style, so-called weight style. With this, you can attack near the bottom perfectly.

For fishing fire The light comes on. Start of night-fired squid fishing. I'm excited.

Immediately after it lights up, it will gradually raise the tana from near the bottom and invite you. Carefully chop the tana.

One hour If so, the bait will come closer to the light and the squid tana will be stable.

On this day, the bait belt is around 30m at a water depth of 50m.

Before and after I invite you carefully, but the impression is that there are many small ones. Also, Kanato Fugu seemed to be approaching, and contrary to the reaction of the bait, the squid seemed a little disorganized.

In such a case, cast it widely with a spinning tackle and invite it violently to gather the squid to your feet. As an image, Kanato Fugu is aiming at the bait and small squid in the brightest part of the foot from the shadow of the ship, so it feels like inviting from the outside dim light with little influence.

If you come from about 3 directions, then use the bait tackle to slowly fall and eat. This pattern seems to be good on this day, and the reaction with this fishing method was good for medium size and above.

Falling Since it often reacts to, concentrate firmly, and if there is a reaction, carefully explore the surrounding area. It is recommended because it is more efficient than searching by dropping it to the bottom completely.

Similarly, the food-rolled Egi Haifuku type was more responsive than the medium type.

Night-fired squid fishing that has just begun the season.

The average number of passengers on board with a torso was about 40 to 50 cups, and the catch with squid metal was 70 cups.

In northern Kyushu, we will head to the peak of Obon.

Please try the seasonal night-fired squid fishing.

written by HAYAKEN