Boat Eging at Kizuna Marin, Hizen Town, Saga Prefecture

I went to boat egging at Mr. Kizuna Marin, Hizen Town, Saga Prefecture.

In October, the ban on boat egging was lifted for fishing boats in Imari Bay.

Therefore, I have been taking on the challenge again this year with the help of Marin Kizuna.

As of 2018, Keystone has not yet released a special egg, but in fact, it has been tested for about 4 years. One of Keystone's commitments is not to release until the perfect product is made. And this time, I brought a newly made test product.

Departure. It's already exciting to pass under the Takashima Bridge (laughs)

The wind was stronger than the forecast on this day, so I couldn't put it in the target point, but it was a good hit from the beginning. And as usual, in the morning, the green base was strong and one of the 10 cups on board caught 5 highs. This test product looks pretty good.


Ships are flushed with DoTERRA sinks. First, drop the jerk from your feet, and after landing, repeat the one-pitch jerk several to 10 times to stop the jerk. It is important to stop this, and it is important to firmly stop the rod without shaking it. Therefore, if there is a change in the rod tip, add an awase. Therefore, if there is no atari, drop the egg again, and after landing, repeat the same thing, and if it becomes difficult to remove the bottom, collect it and drop it again. The wind was blowing quite a bit, so the ship flows nicely even in the wind. The main hits were at a water depth of about 18 to 25m. However, since there were some waves, I am more conscious of stabilizing the egg.


There was a rush in the morning, but when the sun went up to a certain extent, the Atari decreased. By all means, there are many days when Atari decreases around noon. There are various trials and errors. Look for Atari color. If you try several colors, you will find red base brown. Then, I had the impression that the squid did not float so much, so I reduced the number of times the squid was shaken, stopped the squid, and then slowly sent the squid. Stopping and stabilizing the squid in boat egging is the most important thing, but it is effective to send the squid and shorten the distance between the squid and the squid from here when it is astringent or you can not hold the squid. There are times. To the last, it is necessary to prevent the egg from fluttering. Also, if you send it every time, the squid will get tired or the reaction will often get worse, so it is recommended to do it at this timing.

Final 17 cups of catch. It was sluggish from 10 cups, but I managed to recover in the second half. Even so, it feels good as a prototype. It will be on sale next year ...! I feel said. We will make reliable products, so please wait for a while!

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