Capture the spring squid of Golden Week!

<h1 class = "section"> <img src = ""> </ h1> <p class = "article_section"> Spring 2018 squid season The arrival! </ p> <p class = "article_section"> This year's bigfin reef squid seems to be in a bad condition nationwide, and it doesn't seem to be as usual. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Meanwhile, Golden Week has arrived. Normally, I would get a lot of information on fishing results at this timing, but I have taken on the challenge of investigating. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Spring squid has three important factors: water temperature, topography, and seaweed beds. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> The water temperature should be at least 16 degrees and stable. The ideal is to go to the spawning mood at once when it stabilizes at around 19 degrees. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> And the terrain, hopefully a wand that doesn't let the tide pass. In a torrent where eggs are washed away, you will be waiting for migration. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Finally, it is a place where seagrass beds, sargassum, and eelgrass that meet the above conditions are growing. Look for bigfin reef squid near the place where bigfin reef squid is easy to spawn. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> The situation was not good this year, and the situation was not yet at the peak of spawning, so I dared to remove the above and </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Migratory capes and places with good tide. Was selected. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> <img src = ""> </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Egi Sharp Atari who slowly invites the bottom of the No. 4.3 prototype and takes it slowly. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> A nice cup as you intended! </ p> <p class = "article_section"> I was able to invite the surroundings of the offshore structure firmly and to migrate. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> After that, the tide started to work more and changed to Egi Sharp 3.8 V2. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> As soon as you do, </ p> <p class = "article_section"> <img src = "" "> </ p> <p class =" article_section "> <span> Good hit! </ span> </ p> <p class = "article_section"> <span> <img src = ""> </ span> </ p> > <p class = "article_section"> Egi Sharp 3.8 V2 Yellow Glow Green </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Egi Sharp 3.8 V2 weighs 24g. The fall posture is stable after falling in a fairly forward leaning posture. It comes in handy when you hit the bottom or when you have a good response to fast movements. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Spring Egging is at its peak. This year is by no means a good year. I think that the reliable Egi Sharp will play an active role even with a small chance. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> The water temperature has become stable, and it is now the season for spawning in seaweed beds. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> In the future, we will aim to shoot seagrass beds around Sargassum and eelgrass, and also aim at the Ecklonia cava point where the tide passes firmly when the water temperature rises. </ p> <p class = "article_section"> In the spring egging season, you can't catch it unless you throw it! I will do my best! </ p> <h1 class = "section"> Bonus: When I try to make a fake, it's a really good type! </ h1> <p> <img src = ""> <img src = "" 2018050506.jpg "> <img src =" "> <img src =" jpg "> </ p> <p class =" article_section "> While waiting for the migration, aim for Kuro (Medina) with Fukase! Then, to the rainy day stone bream and the striped beakfish! Kuro was also a good hit! </ p> <h1 class = "section"> Tackle used </ h1> <p> <img src = ""> </ p> < p class = "article_section"> Rod: Daiwa Stoist 76MMH-SMT </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Reel: Daiwa Exist LT2500 </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Line: YGK Yotsuami PE0.6 No. 200m </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Leader: Sunline Fluorocarbon No. 2.5 1 Hiro </ p> <p class = "article_section"> Egi used </ p> <p> <a href= ""> Egisharp </a> <span> </ span> <br> <br> </ p> <p class = "article_section"> written by HAYAKEN </ p>