Squid metal at Hokuse Maru, Senzaki, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

I went to Squid Metal at Hokusemaru, Senzaki, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

I am indebted to Mr. Kitasemaru every year in the middle of August.

What will happen to this year with the annual explosive fishing? It was an exciting departure.

Departure time Is 19:00. There are few fishing boats in the sea area off Senzaki, and there are not many places to compete, so it is a slow departure.

Captain's According to the story, recently, small molds started to come together, and good molds became more popular when the day changed. If you drop the gimmick immediately, a small size hits as it is said. It will continue after that.

The water depth is It's about 80m, no matter where you aim, it's a matchbox size and the body length is only 20cm.

If you can catch a small squid, there are two patterns, one is a large squid but it does not respond or it is only small. The judgment at this time is often easy to understand if you try to introduce the Haifuku type. I am aiming at the large size with the Haifuku type that can aim at the large center, but at this time the hit to the Haifuku type is not good at all. Apparently it seems to be the latter pattern.

However The size started to increase after 22:00 at night, and the medium size started to hit the center at a depth of about 45m.

The bait was a band of about 30m to 50m, but above all, there are many!


Mackerel and Kanatofugu will hit you. I'd like to hesitate as much as possible because these fish are in the way, but there are too many to do anything about it.


I will search for squid atari by avoiding it as much as possible without matching it with fish atari.

After the school of fish has increased to near the surface and a tremendous bait has approached from 50m to the surface of the sea,

Around the solid bottom Hits one after another. It's just a good model.

Time is Just when the date changes. As the captain said, the start was a small size, and it became a hit centered on good models after midnight.

Haifuku type is still strong when it comes to hits with only good types. On this day as well, the body length of about 45 cm was the maximum, and the body length of 40 cm class was a hit.

And the just-released Monroegi Night-Burning Tune Great condition! Can you catch this far without feeding! It hits so often.

Weight If you often use the ceremony mechanism, please try it.

The good type is a series of good types from the solid bottom to the water depth of about 70m.

When the cooler is full. Let the squid swim and aim for the fish!

Three good red sea bream hits!

You can enjoy it even more if you bring a tackle for swimming in the future. !!

Swordtip squid off the coast of Senzaki, which you can still aim for until about November.

The squid off the coast of Senzaki is a delicious brand squid called Senzaki squid.

From now on, Senzaki squid will start to mix, and it seems that the number including good type can be expected.

Squid Senzaki is about to enter the main season. Please try to be targeted.

For more inquiries, please contact Mr. Kitasemaru.

Kitasemaru Captain Kobayashi http://hokusemaru6408.blog. fc2.com/

Tackle used

Rod: Daiwa Saltist SQ70LB-SMT

Reel: Daiwa Catalina IC 100SHL

Line: YGK Yotsuami PE0.6 300m

Leader: Sunline Ika Metal LEADER SV-I

Egi: Keystone KS Lead Sutte, Monroegi Night-Burning Tune

written by Hayaken