Winter shore eging

Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture I went to the winter shore egging.

I often hear that the seawater temperature drops a little slowly this year due to the warm winter, and the catch of the bigfin reef squid seems to be in better condition than last year.

Seawater temperature is the most important at this time of year. The first point to look for is that the seawater temperature is high, preferably 16 ° C or higher. If the temperature drops below 16 ° C, it is important that the water temperature is stable. If the water temperature changes significantly by raising or lowering it, it may not be good. If the water temperature is stable, such as in the back of an unexpected wand, squid may have accumulated.

I caught 1300g in the photo below last week, but at that time, the hit at the point where the tide flowed well was near the bottom and bottomed out. Atari was small and the reaction was slow, so this time I chose the point where the wand is involved, the tide hits slowly and the bait is involved.

Egi Sharp 3.8 V2 Red Black Base Purple and eat with bottom The squid that came.

Morning Madame enters the fishing spot from a dim time and walks to the favorite point while repeatedly casting and moving to another place. .. Carefully explore the bottom and middle layers while changing the egg diligently with V1 and V0 +.

Although the bait can be confirmed, the reaction of the squid was not good, and the tracking individual was the same size as the egg.

The wind gradually becomes stronger, and you can go deep into the bay, which is not easily affected by the wind. Cast in the center of a small wand that normally passes by. After landing, put 3 shakuri and freefall. Since the wind is winding, let it fall as naturally as possible without forcing tension. Then, the line that stopped for a moment during the fall enters smoothly. It's a decent size with Awase.

Hit Egi "Egi Sharp 3.8 V1 Real Holo Gold Olive"

1450g. Good size at this time. During this period, Real Holo Gold Olive has been producing stable fishing results with reliable colors even at low water temperatures. It is one of the colors you trust.

After taking a series of photos, cast to the same place again. In the same way, if you put in an invitation, Atari will bring it violently this time.

It was a good-sized bigfin reef squid weighing 1700g. This is also "Egi Sharp 3.8 V1 Real Holo Gold Olive"

There is a possibility that there are other tilts in the sea when you bring it violently. Cast immediately after taking a picture. If you invite him in the same way, you will feel a gentle Atari that you can touch gently.

This day The best pull. A good-looking bigfin reef squid that weighs 1920g and weighs a little more than 2kg.

3 throws and 3 cups. It's just good-looking bigfin reef squid. A stable point of water temperature. Good-shaped tilts were accumulated at points in the back of the bay that normally pass through. From now on, as the water temperature rises, the location of the bigfin reef squid will change steadily. I think that choosing the right point according to various situations is the shortest way to a good model.

Spring squid season is about to begin!

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