2022 lucky bag details

・ 2022 lucky bag details

・ Limited quantity: 500 sets in total

・ Only available by reservation.

・ Reservations will end as soon as the planned quantity is reached.

・ The lucky bag will be delivered after January 1st.

・ Additional shipping charges, customs duties, and VAT will be charged.

・ Shipping will be done by Japan Post or UPS.

・ Reservations at the online store will start from 18:00 on December 10th (Friday), and will be closed as soon as the planned number is reached.

・ A total of 3 sets can be sold per person.

・ Includes a desktop SQUID calendar with coupons that can only be used by purchasers!

The type of coupon is different every month. (Example: May 2022 Monroe night burning 10% OFF, September 2022 Egi Sharp 20% OFF, etc.) SQUID calendar with coupon is included in all lucky bags.

-Comes in a multi-case that is ideal for snaps and accessory cases!

All lucky bags include a multi-accessory case with the Keystone logo, which was very popular in the previous lucky bags.

-With a drawstring bag with the Keystone logo!

The product will be shipped in a drawstring bag with the Keystone logo, which is convenient for storing reels and storing shoes.

8,800 yen 8 types of lineup

* The contents of 8,800 yen will not be disclosed.


・ You cannot choose the color and size of the lucky bag.

・ You cannot wait for cancellation.

・ Coupons cannot be used. (Field supporter coupons, etc.)

・ In addition, we may refuse your purchase if we determine that you are in violation of the terms of use.

If you have any other questions, please contact us from the chat at the bottom right of the screen.