About reviews

Each product has a review function. In order to maintain a fair review function, please check the following terms of use before posting.


< p> ・ Reviews will be posted only to customers who have purchased in the past

・ Reviews will be posted after our shop confirms the contents

・ Some Reviews are in sync with "Amazon Reviews"

Posts not posted , About deletion

We will not post reviews that correspond to the following contents. In addition, if the content is changed after posting and the following applies, it will be deleted.

・ Contents that slander our shop or a third party < / p>

-Contents not related to the product

-Contents including commercial advertising purposes and URLs

-Personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) ) Is included

・ 5 or more consecutive posts on the same day

・ Posts by people related to this shop

・ Others, this shop is not available Content judged to be appropriate