Shipping policy

Shipping and shipping companies vary depending on the shipping area. Shipment will be done within 7 days of ordering.

[Shipping price]

Area Asia Asia Oceania Europe Europe
Delivery days About 10 days About 5 days About 15 days About 30 days About 30 days
Purchase price~ 5,000 JPY 800JPY 1,400JPY 2,750JPY 900JPY 2,200JPY
Purchase price~ 10,000 JPY 400JPY 700JPY 2,000JPY 500JPY 1,200JPY
Purchase price~ 15,000 JPY Free Free 1,300JPY Free 600JPY
Purchase price~ 15,000 JPY Free Free 700JPY Free 600JPY
Purchase price~ 20,000 JPY Free Free Free Free Free

Delivery is delayed due to COVID-19. 

E-PACKET & EMS:Japan Post

5,000JPY=About 60AUD : 38.5EUR : 61.3SGD

10,000JPY=About 120AUD : 77EUR : 122.6SGD

15,000JPY=About 180AUD : 115.2EUR : 183.8SGD

20,000JPY=About 240AUD : 153.5EUR : 245SGD