fuchibite tempura pot [Shima blue]

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◉ An iron tempura pot with excellent heat absorption.

You can enjoy fried food with gas fire or IH.

◉ The trick is to make the fish crispy at a high temperature.

With a thermometer, you can always keep track of the oil temperature, so there are few mistakes.

You can cook fried food with confidence.

If it's a fillet so that the temperature of the oil doesn't drop

It is best to keep it at about 2.3! !!

◉ Because it is not too big

You can easily make fried food without using a lot of oil.

It is easy to keep the temperature of the oil constant.

made in Japan

Size (cm): 20

Material (handle): Iron

Material (main body): Iron (bottom thickness 0.9 mm)

Material (net): Iron

Full capacity (L): 2.2

Surface finish: [Main body] Silicon resin coating, [Handle] Chrome plating, [Hood] Acrylic resin coating

Optimal oil amount (L): 1

Thermometer type: Bimetal type

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